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Why Rice & Roman?

What makes us different

Unique database

Our approach to agency is made unique by the needs, wants and circumstances of a growing section of the market looking to buy and rent properties branded as "retirees" albeit at varying ages and for many different reasons.

The market continues to grow and will be particularly buoyant this decade due to a number of factors, with the post WWII baby boom being a key one. Ending just over 65 years ago, this boom is having an impact on the growing number of family homes being sold, by those looking to retire or simply release capital accrued resulting from the healthy rise in house prices over the last few decades.

This sector has shaped the way that we look to market and advertise ourselves and our client’s properties. Amongst those looking to retire, there is a commonality that enables us to provide properties that generally offer features that the vast majority of the market is looking for. The concepts of a lock up and leave and easy independent living are generally popular and are considered when seeking properties that our buyers or tenants would find of interest. Typically, properties that offer modern fixtures and fittings, security, semi-fixed and manageable costs, good levels of customer service and more often than not, in a city, town or village centre.

Why Rice and Roman - Unique applicant database
Unique Database

Waiting Lists

With the introduction of more and more large scale well publicised developments, agencies speak frequently of individuals waiting for specific properties or developments. This is particularly relevant in the market we focus on as in a good deal of cases, moves are out of choice rather than necessity and there is little to no rush considering the supposed longevity of the move. Taking this into consideration we have developed a system of waiting lists which are attached to particular developments, enabling interested parties to register their details.

To aid the lists we have also created development guides which provide descriptions and galleries of the developments and local areas. As and when a suitable property within the development comes available we will recall interested parties details from the waiting list and let them know. When registering we don’t simply ask for a name and number either, we dig that little bit deeper so that when a property comes to market we ensure we send the right properties to the right people. These guides are viewable on our website, development microsites and in printed form should anyone request one.

The long-term development exposure means we have been attracting clients to market with Rice & Roman well in advance of their choose time to sell. Meaning that as and when the time is right, we are likely to be contacted and you in-turn informed as soon as possible.

Waiting Lists


In this technological age it is without question that online marketing plays a huge part in day to day agency work, however it is very important yet easy to neglect, people that find properties in a variety of different ways and that particular sectors of markets may choose methods seemingly antiquated in today’s online age.

Local advertising is particularly important in this market, as a good portion of those living in developments we cover have come through recommendations from current occupants and the surrounding area. We have taken note and made suitable adjustments to our local paper based advertising as well as ensuring that current residents and development staff are informed of any up and coming properties. In addition, the development Microsites (sites that provide information about the local area and development itself) have aided in this respect as interested residents can register for updates and ask not to be contacted by our agency but simply informed should anything come available.

We take time to know and understand our buyers and tenants so well the properties fit and sell themselves.

Why Rice and Roman - Understanding


Specific developments and property types are at the very heart our business for the simple reason that advertised properties tend to attract a host of likeminded individuals. For one of a number of reasons having not bough that particular property they have seen will more than likely remain registered looking for something similar and potentially even in the same block. Our growing database is populated by individuals typically registering their interest in what they have seen and wanting something similar. The development guides, waiting lists and microsites do a great job of enabling interested buyer and tenants to register interest, in the absence of available properties and are testament to our commitment to finding suitable properties.

We focus on a comprehensive mix of age specific and non-age specific developments ensuring we can assist those simply wanting a great lockup and leave to those going into their late retirement. Representing the needs and wants of those looking to retire out of choice or circumstance is not a side-line, an addition to the brand or a whim but the very foundation of our business. It is truly impossible to be all things to all people and for this reason we focus and endeavour to do the very best for our clients in this market sector.



For those unsure of where they want to live, it is helpful to know that all our representatives have a sound local knowledge. Should a buyer or tenant have particular requirements dictating location, we can suggest developments that fit whether it is local shops, entertainment in the local area or even access to airports or doctors surgeries.

Feel free to lean on our local knowledge to assist you in find your perfect new home.

Why Rice and Roman - Local Information


We ensure all our properties are professionally photographed, quality brochures and marketing material produced and waiting list and development guides drawn up all to aid those searching for a property to buy or rent through us.

Rice & Roman advertised properties and guides can be found on; (UK’s largest property portal and only one of many that we advertise on),, the development microsites for core developments, distributed development guides and retirement specific sites such as

Should the right property not be available at the moment, our development guides are a great way to explore a number of developments and should you quite like what you see and read, you could sign up to one of the waiting lists and we will keep you informed as and when one comes available matching your criteria.


Opening times

We are open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:30 and Saturdays between 10:00 and 16:00. Should a potential buyer or tenant wish to view a property on a weekday evening or even on a Sunday, we will do our best to assist.

Why Rice and Roman - Opening times
Opening Times

Find, Sell & Buy with us

If you have decided to sell or let your property and move into a property advertised by Rice & Roman, our Find, Sell & Buy with us service is there to assist in the process. Our partnership with Grosvenor Billinghurst enables us to handle the process seamlessly, with their 5 offices; Hinchley Wood, Claygate, Esher, Cobham and Woking.

How it works

You find your new home.

We provide you with market appraisals on your current property undertaken by us and the nearest Grosvenor Billinghurst affiliated office.

We agree with you an appointed agency fee and instruct Grosvenor Billinghurst to assist in the marketing of your property.

We find you a buyer or tenant and progress all sale or lets within the chain.

Key benefits

One point of contact

We oversee the entire process, start to finish

We don’t charge you a penny for our service!*we agree our fee with the appointed sub agency to which the fee will be paid to and our fee claimed back from.

Find, Sell & Buy