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A fresh look at retirement living

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Rice & Roman is a sales and lettings agency focused on retirement living.

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Our approach to agency is made unique by the needs, wants and circumstances of a growing section of the market looking to buy, rent, sell and let properties.

These requirements come from a section of society branded as retirees albeit at varying ages and for many different reasons. This sector has influenced the way that we look to market and advertise properties in order to achieve the greatest exposure, to a captive audience and to do it efficiently.

Experience has taught us that to label every retiree as looking for the same thing is foolish and incorrect however, there is a commonality in the required features that the vast majority are looking for and this commonality has steered us towards particular property types and developments.

Typically, we look to offer properties that offer modern fixtures and fittings, security, semi-fixed and manageable costs and those that are more often than not, in a city, town or village centre. We typically seek and advertise properties that characterise good "lock up and leaves" that offer "easy independent living" in order to offer a selection of properties for those looking for this type of lifestyle and who would like to find a selection all in one place. This market continues to grow and will be particularly buoyant this decade due to the post war baby boom, which is a key factor when looking at the growing number of sales of family homes from those looking to retire or simply release capital accrued resulting from the healthy rise in house prices over the last few decades.

Dependant on the individual, we believe we have a comprehensive mix of age specific and non-age specific developments enabling us to assist those who simply want a great lockup and leave to those going into their late retirement. Focusing on the needs and wants of those looking to retire out of choice or circumstance is not a side-line, an addition to the brand or a whim; it is the very foundation of our business. It is truly impossible to be all things to all people and for this reason we focus and endeavour to do the very best for our clients in this market sector.

When it comes to marketing ourselves or advertising our client's properties, we push far and wide to people from all walks of life via many advertising means to ensure that we are not limiting exposure but simply extending and focusing it.

The concentration of this group of the market in one database is the primary reason anyone should look to use Rice & Roman over our competitors. Considering the United Kingdom's population and market conditions, there is good growth and a healthy future for this sector.